Upcoming events:

  • Startup Digest – A weekly email previewing the upcoming startup-related events in 50+ cities

Suggested meetups in NYC:

For general tech:

  • NY Tech Meetup – See demos, meet others working in tech, and stay on top of NYC tech via community announcements

If you’re a product person:

  • The Product Group – Product managers and similar types discuss ideas and products in an open discussion format

If you’re looking to schmooze with founders, including both tech & business folks:

Looking for a co-founder:

Learning to code:

  • Codecademy – Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and PHP via interactive tutorials (free)
  • Dash – Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript via interactive tutorials (free)
  • Treehouse – Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby, and PHP via videos and interactive tutorials (monthly fee)
  • Decoded – [Only in New York and London] A 1-day, in-person course where you’ll build an app after learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript ($1,495 fee)
  • Dev Bootcamp – [Only in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco] A 9-week, full-time, in-person course that will take you from zero to junior developer status (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, Git, agile development, and more)

Free legal documents for incorporating a Delaware C Corp: