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Demystifying product strategy

Since “strategy” can mean different things in different situations, here’s a definition of how I think about it related to product management: Finding efficient ways to achieve the company’s goals through product solutions Another way to think about it is: Finding ways to maximize value at minimal cost A good product strategy can give you read more »

Why you should start with a paper wireframe

In a world that’s getting more computerized every day, it may sound a little crazy to suggest that something should be done on paper when digital solutions have been developed (e.g., Balsamiq, OmniGraffle). Digital wireframes are great. They’re easy to share with co-workers, they look professional, and they’re fun to make. While I’m a big read more »

Everyone should be an engineer

Okay, that’s a little bit of wishful thinking, so how about we say that more non-engineers should be tech savvy? If you’re business and can’t talk tech, can you really expect a technologist to work with you on your startup? It’s hard enough for a business person to recruit a good engineer to build their read more »