How I stay updated on the news with minimal time spent

I like to stay updated on tech news and world news, but with work, family, etc there’s not enough time in a typical day for me to look around for such news — so I have the news delivered to me. While there are many good news sites and apps, it’s relatively easy to set up a system where you can automatically receive the type of news that you’re interested in, direct to your email inbox. This allows me to get updated on what’s going on at convenient times (e.g., while on a train), regardless of whether I have an internet connection.

The best email newsletters for this purpose are ones that include summaries or snippets of each story so that you often don’t need to click for the full story, since you’ve learned enough from the text in the email. If you want more details, you can click to get the full story.

Here’s my current list of email newsletters:

Launch Ticker – Tech news

  • Free Version – Delivered once per week
  • Paid Version ($10/month or $100/year) – Delivered twice daily on weekdays and once daily on weekends

The Hustle – Focused on tech and business

  • Delivered once daily on weekdays
  • Free

theSkimm – Covers general news, including U.S., world, and entertainment

  • Delivered once daily on weekdays
  • Free

CNN Five Things – The top 5 stories that a CNN editor decides to push on any given day

  • Delivered once daily on weekdays
  • Free

The Journal – A collection of tech, business, and human interest stories

  • Delivered once per month

I’ve used this system for a couple of years now and it’s kept me informed in an efficient way.

I also occasionally use the Apple News app, but I get a lot of the same news in the emails.

I also receive new blog posts via email from several blogs for the same efficiency reasons mentioned above about newsletters. If a blog doesn’t provide an email subscription option but does provide an RSS feed, you can use Blogtrottr to send you emails with the new content that gets added to the RSS feed (i.e., new blog posts).

Do you receive a different email newsletter that you’d suggest others take a look at? Post a comment or send me a message and I’ll check it out.

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