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Why I say “V1” instead of “MVP” or “MLP”

(Note: This post applies to features as well as products, but I’m only using “product” for simplicity) For a long time, everyone seemed to use “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product) to refer to the first version of what they’ll release as a product. “MVP” has been used in books about product management and startups, blog posts, read more »

How I stay updated on the news with minimal time spent

I like to stay updated on tech news and world news, but with work, family, etc there’s not enough time in a typical day for me to look around for such news — so I have the news delivered to me. While there are many good news sites and apps, it’s relatively easy to set read more »

Demystifying product strategy

Since “strategy” can mean different things in different situations, here’s a definition of how I think about it related to product management: Finding efficient ways to achieve the company’s goals through product solutions Another way to think about it is: Finding ways to maximize value at minimal cost A good product strategy can give you read more »

Are you paying enough attention to the little things?

I consider things like loading indicators, success notifications, error handling, and other user experience niceties as “little things.” They can make a product more enjoyable to use, more helpful, and less confusing — but they’re typically not going to move the needle in a meaningful way for the business. I’ve found that there are consistent read more »